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update: 08.10.2021


Bommelser Kaffeestuv
Conditions ofthe Boarding agreement

1.   The boarding agreement is concluded, as soon as the room has been ordered and has been confirmed, or has been reserved in case that no confirmation could be made due to lack of time.
2.   The conclusion of the boarding agreement obliges each party of the
agreement to fullfill the agreement, irrespective of the duration of the
3.   The landlord is obliged to pay compensation to the guest in case the room's cannot be made available.
4.   In case of cancellation or non- appearance the guest is obliged to pay either the agreed price or the price customary to the trade less the expenses saved by the landlord. According to data based on experience the savings are 20 % on the room chatges and 40 % on the price for the room with additional half board.
5.   The landlord is required to act in good faith and re-rent the room's if
possible in order to reduce losses. Until the room's are occupied again the
guest has to pay the calculated price as mentioned under ciffre 4 for the duration of the agreement.
6.   Court of jurisdiction is Walsrode